* Being new to the barbershop style makes me appreciate Katie's musical experience.  Her interpretation and finely 
tuned vowel blending on these tracks have done much to expand my musical education. Katie's pure vocal talent is 
unbelievable. Her music engineering is evident in that each of her recorded parts of an arrangement, 
when played together as the Master recording, blends perfectly.
Laura J Oakes
Professional Graphic Artist 
Lead - Northern Blend Chorus (International 3rd Place Chorus, Harmony Inc.    _____________________________________________________________________________________
"Some years ago I asked Katie to make learning trax for the chorus I direct and I couldn't have been more pleased with the 
results.  Not only is there 100% accuracy, but there is a beautiful vocal quality on each voice part that serves as a model 
for my singers.  Some learning trax on the market have a mechanical or wooden sound and do no more than convey 
the notes.  But Katie's trax strike the perfect balance between instructional use and art -- inspiring the 
learner with an appreciation of the merits and interpretative potential of a song right from the very first exposure. 

Christine Hayes
Director, Silk'n Sounds
* I have used Katie's learning trax in both my Sweet Adeline and Harmony Inc. choruses.  As a Director, 
it's very important that our singers not only get the correct notes from the onset, but have a good 
vocal model when they are learning a song.  Katie does both WELL!
Sue Melvin
Director - Rochester Chorus SAI & Rochester Rhapsody HI

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